Standard Software:
%LCA_Distal_BCH SAS macro

User’s Guide Examples:
%LCA_Distal SAS macro examples

Legacy Software:
%LCA_Distal_LTB SAS macro


The %LCA_Distal SAS macros estimate the association between a latent class variable and a distal outcome. Both macros require PROC LCA (version 1.3.2 or higher) and SAS (version 9.1 or higher).

NOTE: We recommend using the LCA_Distal_BCH macro and offer the LCA_Distal_LTB macro only for methodological research.

Read more about latent class analysis.

Features of the LCA_Distal_BCH macro

LCA with a Distal Outcome
  • requires simple, minimal syntax
  • estimates class-specific probabilities and standard errors for binary and categorical distal outcomes
  • estimates means and standard errors for count and continuous distal outcomes
  • accommodates distal outcomes for multiple groups

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